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Active high-end monitoring loudspeakers
made in Austria.

For the finest studios, sound designers and broadcasters in the world.

The world's most natural sounding studio monitors.

If you're a professional musician, producer, or sound engineer, you understand the importance of high-quality studio monitors. Our monitors are designed to provide the most accurate, transparent sound possible, allowing you to make critical decisions during the mixing and mastering process.


Our studio monitors are not only crafted with the highest quality components, they feature the state-of-the-art technology of the LOG AudioEngine, ensuring that you hear every detail of your music with unparalleled clarity. The superior sound quality of our monitors allows you to create mixes that translate seamlessly across different playback systems and environments.

Whether you're working on a film score, album, or other audio project, our studio monitors are the perfect tool to help you achieve your creative vision.


Take your mix to the
next level.

Ultimate performance

Create, mix and master your projects on the world's most natural sounding studio monitors ever. Designed with the latest technology and the finest components, our monitors deliver an exceptional audio performance that will take your mix to the next level.

Breakthrough digital technology

The innovative technology of the LOG AudioEngine is the step into the future of audio production. Experience unparalleled audio precision and clarity, designed for professionals who demand perfection.

Made to preserve musicality

At LOG, we believe that musicality is just as important as accuracy. That's why our high-end studio monitors are designed to deliver a natural, musical sound that is missing from most monitors on the market.




Active Nearfield-Monitor

2 way | 2 x 80 W

32 - 22 000 Hz


Active Near-/Midfield-Monitor

4 way | 4 x 80 W

28 - 22 000 Hz


What professionals say.

"Since I'm using the BETA monitors from LOG Professional, I easily save about 50 % of my mixing time. The accuracy of these speakers is mind-blowing."

DAVID PIRIBAUER - The Mushroom Studio

The Performance

We have created the world's most advanced studio monitors, featuring our innovative, digital technology - the LOG AudioEngine. The result is a speaker that is powerful in its performance, rich in bass, incredibly detailed and perfectly balanced – but most importantly it is a speaker that preserves the musicality and naturalness of the music you are producing.

Linear reproduction of all frequencies

The full frequency spectrum is reproduced absolutely linearly while maintaining the liveliness and dynamics of the music.

Highest quality speaker chassis

The speaker chassis we employ not only represent the finest available options but also seamlessly complement one another, custom-crafted to precisely meet our unique specifications.

Unprecedented musicality

Although LOG studio monitors are absolutely neutral, they maintain the emotion and musicality of an instrument or song, which keeps the music "alive".


The ultra-high-resolution tweeter brings the finest trebles you have ever experienced on a studio monitor.

Distortion free playback

High-quality electronics, linear-phase FIR-filters and ultra-steep crossovers ensure an absolutely distortion free playback.

reaction time

With the high-quality class A/B power amps for every chassis, the speed of response and the timing of LOG studio monitors are unmatched.

Massive, dry bass reproduction

Even the smallest model "ALPHA" delivers an absolutely unexpected bass performance, down to 32 Hz.

Linear-phase, digital room correction

The LOG AudioEngine does not only neutralise the sound characteristics of the chassis, it can also be used for linear-phase room correction.


The computing power of the high-performance DSP unlocks unparalleled opportunities in the signal processing which are used to ensure maximum sound quality.

digital technology.

Over the last few decades, digital audio technology has transformed the music industry and revolutionized the way we record and produce music.

When it comes to the technological approach of our studio monitors, the digital technology of the LOG AudioEngine provides a number of significant advantages over analog technologies. One of the key benefits is its unparalleled accuracy. With the LOG AudioEngine, the sound that you hear from your LOG monitors is incredibly precise and true to the original recording, without any added noise or distortion that might occur in an analog signal path. The digital technology also allows for a much higher level of control and manipulation of the speaker chassis as we can adjust and fine-tune sound colorations with incredible precision.

In the end, the advantages in sound quality allow you to create mixes that are highly detailed, nuanced and translate perfectly across different playback systems and environments.


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