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The Technology

LOG AudioEngine

2  Lossless signal processing

The consistent digital signal processing in the LOG AudioEngine minimizes the conversion of the music signal from digital to analog (and vice versa). The music signal is not affected thereby and is led losslessly from the source (mixing console) to the loudspeaker drivers. In contrast to analog systems, no losses occur, even if the distances between the console and the speakers are long.

4  100 % linear-phase playback

Each correction usually causes phase shifts between the loudspeaker drivers. Since this correction takes time, distortions and other negative effects can occur in the frequencies. The LOG AudioEngine avoids these shifts and is capable of correcting timing differences between drivers digitally thanks to its high computing power. The signal is therefore phase-linear and reproduced without errors - a revolution in audio technology.

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The LOG AudioEngine.
A digital breakthrough.

The breakthrough, digital concept of the LOG AudioEngine does not fix sources of error causing unnatural sound – it eliminates them completely. It is the first system that transmits the signal in a consequent digital way, avoids losses in the signal chain and equalises the characteristics of the speaker chassis with an unparalleled precision.


1  The future of audio technology

Many areas of life are completely digitalized nowadays. Especially in the film and music industry, everything is digitally produced and mixed, but the technology of most loudspeaker companies is still based on analog concepts. The LOG AudioEngine is a step into the future, introducing a revolutionary, fully digital concept that avoids conversions of the music signal.


3  Extremely precise digital crossovers

Only loudspeaker drivers with optimal preconditions are used for LOG systems. Nevertheless, due to its physical design every driver has its own sound coloration. The powerful processor of the LOG AudioEngine can not only digitally correct and neutralize these characteristics, but also precisely define the frequency range of the respective driver. This is completely lossless and cannot be achieved with an analog system, where losses in the signal occur in each analog crossover.

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5  Class A/B-amplifier for every driver

In all LOG systems, each driver is digitally equalized and powered by its own high-performance Class-A/B power amplifier. Due to this high overall performance, there is no distortion or sound coloration, even at high volume.

  • The LOG AudioEngine
    The "LOG AudioEngine" is not a standalone physical device or unit, but rather a collective term encompassing the intricate synergy of all components, cutting-edge technologies, and sophisticated software within a LOG system. It represents the culmination of our relentless pursuit of audio excellence and innovation. At the heart of the LOG AudioEngine lies a harmonious integration of hardware and software elements meticulously engineered to work in unison. Our custom-designed circuitry, high-quality components and advanced signal processing algorithms come together to form a cohesive audio ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries. Every aspect of the LOG AudioEngine, from the PCB design to the digital signal processing algorithms, has been carefully developed to deliver unparalleled performance and a truly immersive audio experience. This comprehensive approach ensures that each component optimally interacts with others, resulting in seamless integration, uncompromising sound quality, and precise control over every facet of audio reproduction. By viewing the LOG AudioEngine as a holistic concept rather than a physical entity, we can offer a complete audio solution that surpasses the limitations of individual components. It represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and delivering a transformative audio experience to professional users.
  • The benefits of digital technology compared to analog
    Precision and Accuracy: The digital technology of the LOG AudioEngine provides precise and accurate sound reproduction. It eliminates the inherent imperfections and signal degradation associated with analog components, ensuring that what you hear is an accurate representation of your audio recordings. Flexibility and Control: The LOG AudioEngine offers extensive control options and room correction features. With built-in digital signal processing (DSP), we can fine-tune the monitor's response to match the studio's acoustics and adjust for different listening environments, resulting in optimal sound quality. Consistency: Digital systems maintain consistent performance over time. Unlike analog components that can degrade over years, digital monitors retain their original performance characteristics, ensuring long-term reliability and consistency in your studio work. Integration with Digital Workflows: In today's digital audio production environments, seamless integration with digital audio workstations (DAWs) and other software tools is crucial. With AES/EBU inputs, there is no need to convert the digital signal that comes out of your DAW, allowing you to maintain a fully digital workflow. Future-Proofing: As our development advances, LOG studio monitors can receive firmware updates to stay current with the latest features and tonal improvements, ensuring a longer lifespan and protecting your investment.
  • The difference between the LOG AudioEngine and other DSP-powered solutions
    When you choose studio monitors LOG, you are not just purchasing speakers, you are investing in a masterpiece of audio engineering. Our holistic approach to speaker development, starting from the very foundation, sets us apart from any other speaker manufacturer in the market. At LOG, every aspect of our speakers is meticulously designed and developed in-house, starting from the very lowest component level. We understand the importance of complete control over the entire system - including even the smallest component - and we believe it offers numerous benefits that translate into an unmatched audio experience for professional users. By having full control over both the electronic hardware and software development, we can create a harmonious blend between the two, resulting in an unmatched sonic performance. Our skilled engineers work tirelessly to optimize the interaction between the hardware components and the software, enabling advanced functionalities and ensuring flawless performance. This synergy guarantees that you not only enjoy exceptional audio quality but also have access to cutting-edge features and controls that enhance your listening pleasure. By owning the entire development process, we have the freedom to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. Our dedicated research and development team continuously seeks out the latest advancements in speaker technology, allowing us to incorporate groundbreaking features and stay at the forefront of industry trends.
  • What does the LOG AudioEngine look like?
    The "LOG AudioEngine" is not a standalone physical device or unit, but rather a collective term encompassing the intricate synergy of all components, cutting-edge technologies, and sophisticated software within a LOG system. It represents the culmination of our relentless pursuit of audio excellence and innovation. At the heart of the LOG AudioEngine lies a harmonious integration of hardware and software elements meticulously engineered to work in unison. Our custom-designed circuitry, high-quality components and advanced signal processing algorithms come together to form a cohesive audio ecosystem that transcends traditional boundaries. Every aspect of the LOG AudioEngine, from the PCB design to the digital signal processing algorithms, has been carefully developed to deliver unparalleled performance and a truly immersive audio experience. This comprehensive approach ensures that each component optimally interacts with others, resulting in seamless integration, uncompromising sound quality, and precise control over every facet of audio reproduction. By viewing the LOG AudioEngine as a holistic concept rather than a physical entity, we can offer a complete audio solution that surpasses the limitations of individual components. It represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and delivering a transformative audio experience to professional users.
  • The future of audio technology
    The future of audio technology in music production and recording studios is unequivocally digital, and it is poised to reshape this industry in profound ways. Digital technology has become the backbone of modern music production. Using analog speakers in a fully digital recording studio environment would be akin to placing an unnecessary bottleneck on the creative process. While analog speakers may possess a certain nostalgic appeal and character, they are inherently limited in their ability to reproduce the full spectrum of digital audio precision. In a digital studio where every detail of sound matters, analog speakers introduce potential distortions and colorations that can compromise the accuracy and fidelity of the audio being produced. This incongruity between the digital source and analog output can result in a loss of clarity, transparency, and consistency, making it challenging to assess and fine-tune the intricacies of a mix. Furthermore, network-based technologies like DANTE exemplify the direction of the industry, unequivocally pointing towards a more digital environment. These innovations seamlessly integrate audio devices, streamlining workflows, and enhancing the efficiency of audio production processes in a way that is simply not achievable within an analog framework. The digital studio monitors from LOG are designed to faithfully reproduce the nuances of an instrument, voice or sound, ensuring that the artist and producer can work with the utmost precision and confidence, ultimately yielding the highest quality recordings and mixes.
  • Lossless Signal Transmission
    The LOG AudioEngine allows for the transmission of audio signals in a digital format without any loss of quality. Unlike analog signals, which can suffer from degradation and noise interference during transmission, digital signals maintain their integrity throughout the routing process. This ensures that the audio signal reaching the speakers remains faithful to the original source, resulting in highest-quality sound reproduction. We also implement advanced digital processing algorithms and a self-developed jitter-minimised master-clock-generator to optimise the audio signal path, ensuring minimal signal degradation and distortion. This level of precision allows for more accurate control over the audio signal, resulting in improved sound reproduction and clarity.
  • High-precision frequency response optimisation
    LOG studio monitors stand out by delivering a full-range frequency response, faithfully capturing the nuances of both low and high frequencies with precision. To provide a clear understanding, manufacturers often present the frequency response in a specification chart, outlining the monitor's capability to reproduce various frequencies and the uniformity of their reproduction. However, it is important to recognize that achieving a flat frequency response is just one piece of the puzzle in the pursuit of natural sound reproduction. While it is a fundamental characteristic of high-quality studio monitors, it cannot single-handedly guarantee an authentic audio experience. The sonic outcome is influenced by a multitude of factors beyond frequency response, each playing a vital role in shaping the overall audio quality and faithfulness to the source material. The LOG AudioEngine stands apart by surpassing the mere flattening of the frequency response curve. Its remarkable capability lies in the realm of high-precision frequency response optimization, which takes into account not only the attainment of a flat response but also factors in the unique characteristics of the speaker drivers and their inherent sound colorations. By carefully considering these elements, the LOG AudioEngine achieves an unparalleled level of accuracy and authenticity in sound reproduction, elevating the listening experience to new heights.
  • High-performance FIR filters with point to point mapping
    Point-to-point Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters offer several benefits over analog filters. Precise Control: FIR filters allow for precise control over the filter characteristics. With FIR filters, manufacturers have the flexibility to design filters with specific frequency response and impulse response characteristics. This level of control enables precise shaping of the audio signal, allowing for precise equalization, filtering, and correction of the speaker's frequency response. Linear Phase Response: FIR filters can achieve linear phase response, which means that all frequencies in the audio signal are delayed by the same amount, preserving the relative phase relationships between different frequency components. This is particularly important in audio applications such as studio monitoring where maintaining phase coherence is critical. Linear phase response helps to preserve the original timing and imaging of the audio signal, resulting in improved clarity and localization. No Analog Component Variations: Analog filters can be susceptible to component variations, temperature fluctuations, and aging, which can introduce inconsistencies in the filter's performance. In contrast, FIR filters are implemented digitally, eliminating the variations associated with analog components. This leads to greater consistency and accuracy in the filtering process, ensuring consistent audio performance over time. Wide Dynamic Range: FIR filters can handle a wide dynamic range of audio signals without distortion or saturation. They can accurately process signals with both low and high amplitudes, maintaining the integrity of the audio signal throughout the filtering process. This is particularly advantageous in professional audio applications where a wide dynamic range is commonly encountered. Versatility and Adaptability: FIR filters offer great versatility and adaptability. Their characteristics can be easily adjusted and modified through software or firmware updates, allowing us to fine-tune the filter performance or introduce new features without hardware modifications. This flexibility enables continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving audio requirements. Efficient Implementation of Complex Filters: FIR filters can efficiently implement complex filtering operations that may be challenging or impractical with analog filters. FIR filters can handle high-order filter designs, allowing for precise control over the frequency response. This capability is particularly useful in applications requiring advanced filtering techniques like linear phase equalization or speaker room correction.
  • Ultra-steep digital crossovers
    The LOG AudioEngine achieves ultra-steep crossover filters with up to -48db per octave using advanced FIR-filters. This offers several significant benefits over analog filters: Improved Frequency Separation: Ultra-steep crossover slopes allow for better frequency separation between the different drivers in a speaker system. By precisely attenuating frequencies outside the desired passband, FIR filters can effectively isolate each driver's operating range, minimizing intermodulation and phase interference. This results in cleaner and more accurate reproduction of individual frequency ranges, enhancing overall clarity and imaging. Reduced Interference and Comb Filtering: Ultra-steep FIR filters can effectively suppress interference and comb filtering effects that may arise due to phase interactions between drivers at the crossover point. Comb filtering occurs when the same frequencies arrive at the listener's ears with varying phase relationships, causing frequency response anomalies and audible colorations. With its ultra-steep crossover slopes, the LOG AudiEngine can achieve better phase coherence, minimizing comb filtering and delivering a more consistent and accurate sound reproduction. Precise Frequency Control: Our advanced FIR filters offer precise control over the crossover frequencies. By employing digital signal processing techniques, we can precisely define the crossover points and tailor the filter characteristics to match the specific driver characteristics and desired system response. This level of control allows for optimised integration between drivers, ensuring smooth frequency transitions and improved coherence throughout the audio spectrum. Flexibility and Adjustability: The digital FIR filters of the LOG AudioEngine provide flexibility and adjustability compared to fixed analog filters. This enables us to fine-tune the crossover characteristics, adjust the slopes, and modify the frequency response using software or firmware updates. This adaptability allows for efficient optimisation of the speaker system's performance, catering to different room acoustics and listening environments. Advanced Equalisation Capabilities: FIR filters can incorporate advanced equalisation techniques alongside the crossover function. By applying precise frequency and phase corrections, FIR filters can compensate for the speaker system's inherent frequency response anomalies or room acoustics. This enables the creation of a more accurate and balanced sound reproduction, enhancing the overall listening experience.
  • Linear-phase playback
    The FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters of the LOG AudioEngine enable linear-phase playback, which has a significant impact on the sound and overall performance for several reasons: Linear-Phase Response: Linear-phase playback means that all audio frequencies are delayed by the same amount, preserving the relative phase relationships between different frequency components. FIR filters achieve this by applying equal delays to different frequency bands. This characteristic ensures that the timing and arrival of various frequencies remain intact, maintaining the spatial and temporal accuracy of the audio signal. Precise Imaging and Localization: Linear-phase playback helps in accurate imaging and localization of sound sources. By preserving the phase relationships, FIR filters preserve the natural time and phase cues present in the original audio material. This results in a more precise and realistic soundstage, where individual instruments and sound elements are accurately positioned within the stereo field. The listener can perceive a clearer sense of depth, width, and location of sound sources. Improved Transient Response: FIR filters with linear-phase characteristics preserve the transient response of audio signals. Transients are the quick, short-duration changes in sound that contribute to the perception of detail, attack, and dynamics in music. By maintaining the phase coherence across different frequency components, linear-phase playback ensures that transients are faithfully reproduced, enhancing the clarity and articulation of the sound. Reduced Phase Distortion: Non-linear phase response in traditional analog or minimum-phase filters can introduce phase distortions, particularly around the crossover frequencies. These distortions can cause frequency-dependent phase shifts, resulting in smearing of the audio signal and coloration of the sound. FIR filters with linear-phase response minimize these phase distortions, allowing for a cleaner, more transparent sound reproduction. Preservation of Timbre and Tonal Balance: Linear-phase playback preserves the tonal balance and timbre of the audio signal. The phase relationships between frequency components contribute to the overall timbre and character of sounds. By preserving these phase relationships, FIR filters ensure that the tonal balance remains accurate and the original timbre of instruments and vocals is faithfully reproduced. This results in a more natural and authentic sound reproduction. Precise Speaker Integration: Linear-phase playback facilitated by FIR filters allows for precise integration of multiple drivers within a speaker system. By maintaining phase coherence across the crossover frequencies, the transition between different drivers is seamless, ensuring consistent and coherent sound reproduction. This enhances the overall performance and accuracy of high-end studio monitors, providing a more accurate representation of the original audio material. In summary, FIR filters enable linear-phase playback, which leads to precise imaging, accurate localization, improved transient response, reduced phase distortion, preservation of tonal balance and timbre, and precise integration of speaker drivers. These benefits collectively contribute to a more realistic, detailed, and faithful sound reproduction in our high-end studio monitors.
  • High-performance class A/B-amplifiers
    While class D amplifiers offer advantages in terms of energy efficiency and compact size, our self-developed class A/B amplifiers prioritize uncompromising sound quality, accuracy, and reliability. Our amplifiers excel in delivering high-fidelity audio reproduction, capturing the intricacies of music with exceptional clarity and dynamics. Sound Quality: Class A/B amplifiers are renowned for their superior sound quality. They operate in a linear mode, meaning they reproduce the input signal with high fidelity and accuracy. Class A/B amplifiers are known for their excellent tonal balance, wide frequency response, and low distortion levels, resulting in a more natural, detailed, and transparent sound reproduction compared to class D amplifiers. Smooth and Dynamic Sound: Our Class A/B amplifiers excel at handling dynamic audio signals. They provide smooth and effortless amplification of musical peaks, capturing the dynamics and nuances of the audio material accurately. This ability to faithfully reproduce the subtle variations in volume and intensity contributes to a more engaging and emotionally captivating sound experience. Reduced Distortion: Class A/B amplifiers typically exhibit lower distortion levels compared to class D amplifiers. The inherent design and operation of class A/B amplifiers minimize nonlinearities and harmonic distortions, resulting in cleaner and more accurate audio reproduction. This translates to improved clarity and realism in the reproduced sound. High-Fidelity Applications: In the high-fidelity audio community, class A/B amplifiers have a long-standing reputation. Their design and performance characteristics make them particularly well-suited for demanding applications where uncompromising sound quality is desired. Whether in professional studio monitoring or critical listening environments, we favour class A/B amplifiers for their ability to faithfully reproduce music with exceptional clarity and precision. Robust and Reliable: We designed our Class A/B amplifiers for maximum robustness and reliability. The design has been refined over many years, resulting in mature and stable amplifier architectures. The Class A/B amplifiers in the LOG AudioEngine feature durable and high-quality components, ensuring long-term performance and reliability, even under challenging conditions.
  • Natural reproduction of sound
    What sets our studio monitors apart is their ability to achieve a truly natural reproduction of sound. Through advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship, we have created monitors that faithfully reproduce every detail, from the subtlest nuances to the grandest dynamics. Our monitors offer a transparent and uncolored sound , ensuring an authentic listening experience that lets you connect with the music on a much deeper level. With our innovative engineering, we have overcome the limitations of traditional speaker designs, creating monitors that excel in accuracy and clarity across the entire frequency spectrum. Experience tight and controlled bass, rich and expressive midrange, and extended, detailed highs. Our monitors provide a balanced frequency response that unveils the true potential of your audio recordings. With this level of sonic accuracy, our monitors enhance your creative workflow. Whether you're a professional in the studio or an enthusiast at home, the natural and uncolored sound reproduction allows you to make precise decisions when mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying your favorite music.
  • Preservation of musicality
    We understand that as audio engineers, you strive to create mixes and productions that not only sound technically flawless but also evoke emotions and captivate listeners. That's why our studio monitors are carefully designed to strike the perfect balance between analytical precision and musicality. Experience the best of both worlds as our monitors faithfully reproduce every subtle nuance and intricate detail, while maintaining the artistic integrity and emotional impact of the music. Our monitors deliver a transparent and uncolored sound, enabling you to hear the true essence and character of each instrument and vocal. By preserving the musicality of the songs, our monitors allow you to make informed decisions that enhance the impact, dynamics, and overall musicality of your mixes. Experience the thrill of creating mixes that not only sound technically perfect but also move and inspire.
  • Extraordinary sonic performance
    The extraordinary sonic performance of the LOG studio monitors stands as a testament to the pinnacle of digital audio engineering. Our precision-crafted speakers are designed to reveal every intricate detail of sound with unparalleled clarity and accuracy. They effortlessly capture the subtle nuances of a recording, from the softest whisper to the most thunderous crescendo, delivering an immersive listening experience that allows producers and musicians to discern even the most delicate sonic subtleties. With pristine frequency response, minimal distortion, and precise imaging, high-end digital studio monitors provide a sonic canvas where artists can sculpt and shape their music with utmost confidence, ensuring that every element of their composition is heard with breathtaking fidelity. LOG monitors are not merely tools; they are conduits for creativity, enabling you to push the boundaries of your craft and produce audio that transcends expectations.
  • Unmatched bass reproduction
    LOG speakers are engineered to deliver an unmatched low-end response that will redefine your perception of deep, powerful bass. With precision-designed drivers and the advanced technology of the LOG AudioEngine, our monitors reproduce bass frequencies with exceptional accuracy, depth, and impact. From thunderous sub-bass to tight and punchy low frequencies, every note is rendered with astonishing clarity and detail. Feel the rumble and presence of the bass as it resonates through your entire being, adding a new dimension to your listening and mixing experience. Whether you're a music producer, sound engineer, or a passionate home studio owner, our studio monitors will immerse you in a world of bass that you've never experienced before. Discover the full spectrum of sonic possibilities, where the richness and weight of the low-end frequencies bring your music to life.
  • Exceptional impulse response
    The exceptional impulse response of our studio monitors allows for precise monitoring and critical decision-making during recording, mixing, and mastering sessions. Hear the subtlest details and transient nuances with astonishing clarity, enabling you to fine-tune every aspect of your production with confidence. The benefits of our monitors' exceptional impulse response extend beyond technical accuracy. They provide a heightened sense of realism and depth, allowing you to create mixes that truly engage and captivate listeners. Experience the tight, focused attacks of drums, the delicate decay of reverberations, and the intricate interplay of instruments, all brought to life with unparalleled precision.
  • Precise and stable phantom center
    LOG studio monitors create a precise and stable phantom center, ensuring that vocals and central elements of your mix are accurately positioned between the speakers. With our studio monitors, you'll enjoy a well-defined and immersive soundstage where the phantom center remains solid and focused. This exceptional imaging capability enhances your working process by providing a clear reference point for critical mixing decisions. Whether you're balancing vocals, instruments, or creating spatial effects, our monitors enable you to achieve optimal center placement and ensure a cohesive and impactful mix.
  • Ultra-high sound resolution
    With their exceptional resolution, our monitors unveil every subtle nuance, delicate texture, and intricate detail in your music. Experience the full spectrum of frequencies with unparalleled accuracy, from the shimmering highs to the tight and defined lows. The ultra-high sound resolution of our monitors not only enhances your listening pleasure but also empowers you in your creative process. Capture the true essence of your recordings, make precise adjustments with confidence, and produce mixes that showcase the utmost clarity and transparency. Discover a new level of precision and finesse in your audio productions with our studio monitors' ultra-high sound resolution.
  • Spatiality accuracy
    Our studio monitors excel in delivering an expansive and lifelike soundstage, providing you with accurate spatial placement and imaging. Hear instruments and vocals come to life as they occupy their rightful positions within the sonic landscape. With this level of spatial accuracy, you can precisely position elements within the mix, creating depth, dimension, and a sense of realism that will captivate your listeners. The benefits of this incredible spatial sound extend beyond enhancing the mixing process. You'll gain a heightened perception of how the music interacts within the acoustic space, allowing you to create immersive experiences for your audience. Whether you're crafting surround sound mixes, spatial effects, or simply aiming for a captivating stereo image, our studio monitors enable you to achieve a level of spatial precision that takes your productions to a new level.
  • Impressive transient playback
    LOG monitors offer impressive transient playback. From shaping the punch and clarity of drums to capturing the intricate plucking of strings, our monitors empower you to achieve a new level of precision and finesse in your audio engineering endeavours. You'll have the ability to hear every subtle attack, decay, and transient nuance with utmost clarity. Whether you're in the studio, perfecting a mix, or in a live setting, fine-tuning the sound reinforcement, our monitors provide the tools you need to unlock the true potential of transients in your audio productions. Elevate your work with monitors that deliver exceptional transient playback, and witness the transformative impact it has on the clarity, depth, and overall impact of your mixes.
Technology and music in
perfect harmony

Thanks to the innovative digital technology, the music is the main priority at LOG. For this reason, each loudspeaker is subjected to an elaborate tuning process, where, in addition to state-of-the-art technical measuring instruments, the human ear (the best of all measuring instruments) is of paramount importance. Only when a violin sounds like a violin and an orchestra sounds like an orchestra, technology and music are in perfect harmony.

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