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Active monitoring loudspeakers
made in Austria.


For the finest studios, sound designers and broadcasters in the world. 

The worlds most natural sounding studio monitors.
Featuring the most advanced digital technology.

The LOG AudioEngine is the most advanced audio technology available today. It is the heart of every LOG monitor speaker and features lossless signal processing, ultra-steep digital crossovers and a linear-phase, digital sound optimisation.

Ultimate performance
Breakthrough digital technology
Developed by music affine au engineers.

Create, mix and master your projects on the world's most natural sounding studio monitors ever.

The innovative technology of the LOG AudioEngine is the step into the future of audio production. It is the first digital technology that sounds perfectly analog.

We create speakers that sound musical, not just neutral – because we believe that's what most studio monitors are missing.




Active Nearfield-Monitor

2 way | 2 x 70 W

32 - 25 000 Hz


Active Near-/Midfield-Monitor

4 way | 4 x 70 W

28 - 25 000 Hz


The Performance

Choosing the right speaker is critical to the quality of the music you deliver, so don't compromise on a studio monitor that is good, but that ultimately does not provide a satisfactory result.

We have created the world's most advanced studio monitors, featuring our innovative, digital technology - the LOG AudioEngine. The result is a speaker that is powerful in its performance, rich in bass, incredibly detailed and perfectly balanced – but most importantly it is a speaker that preserves the musicality and naturalness of the music you are producing.

Linear reproduction of all frequencies

The full frequency spectrum is reproduced absolutely linearly while maintaining the liveliness and dynamics of the music.

Highest quality speaker chassis

The speaker chassis used are not only best ones available, they also harmonise perfectly with each other and are made specifically for our requirements.

Unprecedented musicality

Although LOG studio monitors are absolutely neutral, they maintain the emotion and musicality of an instrument or song, which keeps the music "alive".


The ultra-high-resolution tweeter brings the finest trebles you have ever experienced on a studio monitor.

Distortion free playback

High-quality electronics, linear-phase FIR-filters and ultra-steep crossovers ensure an absolutely distortion free playback.

reaction time

With the high-quality class A/B power amps for every chassis, the speed of response and the timing of LOG studio monitors are unmatched.

Massive, dry bass reproduction

Even the smallest model "alpha" delivers an absolutely unexpected bass performance, down to lower than 30 Hz.

Linear-phase, digital room correction

The LOG AudioEngine does not only neutralise the sound characteristics of the chassis, it can also be used for linear-phase room correction.


The computing power of the high-performance DSP unlocks unparalleled opportunities in the signal processing which are used to ensure maximum sound quality.


The Philosophy

"For me, it is all about the sound. At LOG we are not fixated on any technology or philosophy – we simply put all our effort into finding the best way of reproducing music so it can express itself with all its emotions and in its full naturalness.

With the invention of the LOG AudioEngine, we found a way to transfer the music signal without any losses and digitally correct and neutralise all characteristics a speaker chassis may have due to its physical design. 

At the same time we use the full potential of each speaker chassis, resulting in an unbelievably balanced performance with a rich bass and extremely fine trebles.

The result is a speaker that you will not hear –

all you hear is music in its purest form."

Thomas Pfob, Founder & CEO

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Tel: +43 676 88341103 | E-Mail:

Sankt Georgen Gasse 7, 8020 Graz, Austria

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